A Level

Practical Steps in Teaching the Four Themes by Reem Abdulhadi

Where Online When Wednesday 25th of October 2023 06:30 PM GMT


Effective Planning for Supplementary Schools and Tutors by Kheedija Abunajm.

Where Online When Sunday 26th of November 2023 07:00 PM GMT

Primary Workshop

Unveiling the Magic - Techniques to Cultivate a Love for Arabic Reading in Children by Seloua Nedjai.

Adaptive Teaching: Integrating Adaptive Teaching in Primary Arabic Curriculum: Meeting Ofsted MFL Standards by Mevludin Sahinovic.

From 10am to 3pm (GMT)

Where In Person When Saturday 9th of December 2023


Practical Strategies to Make the Most of Your Teaching Assistant by Saadia Mohammed.

Where Online When Saturday 27th of January 2024 07:00 PM GMT

GCSE Workshop

Strategies and Practical Activities to Develop Essential GCSE Writing Skills, Including Grammar in Context, Translation and Writing a High Level Text.

Encourage Spontaneous Speaking in Your Classroom and Quick Tips to Support Students before their GCSE Exam.

by Luma Hameed

From 9.30am to 3:30pm (GMT)

Where In Person (London) When Saturday 10th of February 2024 09:30 AM GMT


Teaching and Learning For Heritage Language Learners (HLL) by Fatima Khaled.

Where Online When Sunday 25th of February 2024 07:00 PM GMT

A Level

Effective Strategies to Develop Listening Skills by Reem Abdelhadi.

Where Online When Saturday 2nd of March 2024 07:00 PM GMT


Teachers' and Students' Wellbeing by Rasha Awad

Where Online When Sunday 21st of April 2024 07:00 PM GMT


Practical Ideas to Enhance Language Acquisition by Assia Benhamed.

Where Online When Sunday 28th of April 2024 06:00 PM GMT


Growing Strong Arabic Language Readers with Storytelling by Tamader Hwaidi.

Where Online When Saturday 25th of May 2024 07:00 PM GMT


Evidencing Student Progress Through the Ofsted Framework : Intent Implementation and Impact by Mounia Benzidane.

Where Online When Sunday 2nd of June 2024 07:00 PM GMT
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Subject Knowledge Workshop

Common Mistakes in Arabic Language and Grammar with Shadi Dawoud

Where Online When Saturday 8th of June 2024 07:00 PM GMT
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